About us

Cultural Victory is an organization
that aims to push forward the development
of Russia's creative industry and facilitate
the export of our creative products to international markets.



Creation of new cultural values in Russian culture.


Creation of a new Russian ideology.


Influence on the Eastern and Western cultural markets.


First Annual Sochi Eurasian International Film Festival May 3-7 2017 in Sochi, Russia at the Luxor IMAX Sochi

Full-length Film Franchise "Five Meters of Heaven""Five Meters of Heaven" is a collection of 5 short-form novella films produced by young directors of Saint Petersburg with participation of Russian film stars.

Project Creative SchoolsProject Goal: Reorganization of modern "Youth Houses" into educational centers for children, where participating children can receive additional training in the creative sphere from industry leaders with the support of our key partners

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191024, Russia,
str. Harkovskaya, 8А, 13
8 (812) 717 86 06